How do I register my pet in Fetch My Pet?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, tap the ‘Register’ button at the bottom left corner and follow the conversational questions.

How do I view my pet’s details?

Tap the ‘Home’ icon. Press ‘Pet Profile’ to view the data you saved from your pet’s registration.

How do I remove a pet?

Open your pet's profile from the ‘Home’ screen. Tap the small red circle with the minus symble. You will then be prompted with messaging asking if you want to ‘Delete This Pet’. Select 'Yes' to delete and 'No' to dismiss.

I have more than one pet. How can I add another?

Tap the green “+” in the upper right corner above your pets profile photo. Complete the registration questions. You can also select “Add a Pet” in the “More” screen.

Can I change my pet’s photo?

Yes! Tap ‘Pet Profile’ on the ‘Home’ screen, then press ‘Add New Photo.’ You can take a new picture with your phone’s camera or upload and crop a photo from your photo library.

What can I do in the ‘Pet Shop’?

The default for the Pet Shop shows you all brands we work with. If you’d prefer to view by category, simply swipe your finger across the top bar and tap on a category to filter (example: Insurance).

Can I change the categories in the ‘Nearby’ screen?

Currently the categories are not customizable.

Can I call one of the businesses from the ‘Nearby’ screen? Nothing seems to happen when I tap on the selection?

You can currently press on the phone number listed and a prompt will appear to call the number. If you tap the website you will be able to view a Yelp listing for your selection.

Are things in ‘Nearby’ tied to my home address?

‘Nearby’ is updated based on your location at the moment you have the app opened. This geo-location specific service ensure you see the most relevant listings near you at all times.

Once I tap on a category in ‘Nearby’ I can’t see all the categories anymore?

You are able to swipe across the categories at the top of your screen to see the other hidden categories. The icon of the category you are currently viewing will be slightly larger than the others.

How can I get directions to my veterinarian or call them?

Once you fill out the Name, Address and Phone Number for your veterinarian’s office, the two buttons on the screen will turn from gray to purple. This will enable you to click once for directions and/or to call.

What missing pets am I seeing on the missing pets screen?

You are currently able to see any missing pets within 15 miles of your zip code that you registered with.

How do I change my password?

Under the ‘More’ screen, select ‘Account Settings.’ On this screen you can update all of your personal information. If you have any additional question you can contact

How do I report my pet as missing?

From the ‘Home’ screen press ‘Report Missing.’ Then type where your pet was last seen and press ‘Report Missing.’ Users within 15 miles of you will be notified via Rover Alert.

What should I do if I spot or find a missing pet?

Tap to open the pet’s profile from the ‘Missing Pets’ screen. Press the ‘Report Seen/Found’ button below their profile image. Enter the details of where the pet was last seen and select ‘Report Seen/Found.’ If this was done in error, simply press cancel.