What is the right insurance for your pet?

This time of year is filled with resolutions and plans for a better you. The beginning of the year signifies a fresh start. So we at Fetch Labs encourage you to start the year thinking about the very best for your pet(s) too!


Your puppy or kitten may be brand new to your family as part of the holidays, or perhaps they are more comfortable being referred to as cats and dogs beyond that youthful stage of their lives. Whatever the case may be, the question is bound to come up - what should you do about pet insurance?

If you’re like some people, you are all for it - it’s there if you need it - and it will make you feel warm and cozy on these cold winter nights. Others are skeptical and wonder if it’s just a gimmick…

What happens if you’re out playing in a dog park you found using Nearby in Fetch My Pet and Fido has an accident and breaks his leg? It’s always a good idea to plan accordingly for the unexpected. We’ve got some great suggestions for you (and of course it’s always important to review what plans are best for your specific needs). From the exceptional customer care team at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance to the extremely reputable ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offering up to 90% reimbursement, this is the time of year to get off on the right paw and protect your furry family members.

Here are 5 helpful tips from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance when doing your research:

  1. What’s covered?

  2. What’s not covered?

  3. Can you customize your coverage?

  4. Do they offer preventative care coverage?

  5. How much experience do they have?

To learn more about sample claims and how Healthy Paws has helped save thousands of dollars on bills, check out their claim stories here.

You can learn more about these great pet insurance companies in the Deals section of Fetch My Pet by navigating to the Insurance section.