The Power of the Network

It’s one of your biggest fears. Your dog or cat has gone missing. Not upstairs or in another room of your home. Missing. Gone.

In this terrifying situation, what is the first step you take to find them? Do you reach out to your neighbor? Do you call the police? Do you print out signs to canvas the town?

If you’re like many pet parents, your pet was registered at some point in their lives and likely microchipped. At the time they’ve gone missing are you leaning on that fact for comfort? If you answered yes, do you feel warm, cozy and reassured knowing that 42% of owner information is incorrect when using the microchipping approach?

Our app, Fetch My Pet, is FREE. Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered your pet(s), you’ve tapped into a powerful pet identity network. We provide access to curated brands across the pet industry in the Pet Shop. Nearby provides a view of everything pet-related near you. Don’t have pet insurance yet? Get started with enrollment right from our app via our partners Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. If you’re like us and can’t remember where your last invoice was from the vet visit a few months ago, now you can easily save it in Fetch My Pet. Worried about losing all these details if you lose or replace your phone? Our services are cloud based so you can access them just by logging into your new device.

So let’s go back to the initial subject of what to do in the event your pet has gone missing… With Fetch My Pet you simply tap the button that says “Report Missing” and a Rover Alert™ will be sent to other Fetch My Pet users in your neighborhood. That’s it. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our app will provide you with peace of mind. Download from the Apple App Store today to join our growing national Pet Identity Network focused on great services and safety for you and your pet.